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Welcome to the Definitive NYC Community Member Directory

There are many reasons why someone loves NewYorkCoin. Ask anyone in the community and you’ll get a variety of answers.


Some enjoy the convenience of using NY Coin over other cryptocurrencies. Some prefer the speed of the transactions, the value of the market cap, or the similarities in history and structure that NYC has to Bitcoin.


Although these answers may be different, you’ll also find one answer is always the same. People love NY Coin because of the community.


Features of Our NY Coin Directory


Unlike other cryptocurrency communities, we’re giving you access to an effortless login process that includes triple-layer antispam protection. If you’re tired of being hit up with all sorts of junk in other forums and directories, our strong line of defense will work hard to prevent false accounts from spamming you.


We also provide you with search filters to perform custom searches to connect with specific community members. We give you full access to your user account, giving you privacy options, information changes, or to swap out your old password for a new one.


You’ll also find content that is specific for members only. That way, the experiences of our community help to build all of us up together instead of allowing anyone who stumbles along to take your wisdom and use it to their own advantage.


There are plenty of other features to discover as well. Our goal here is simple: to bring a diverse group of people together from around the world to discuss how we all can make NewYorkCoin become one of the best cryptocurrencies available.


Are You Ready to Join Up?


If you’re ready to join our community, then the process is simple. Just select a username for your profile and let us know your email address. Once you register, you’ll be able to take advantage of the features available in our NYC-minded community.


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