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Why Choose Coinomi for Your NewYorkCoin?

Why Choose Coinomi for Your NewYorkCoin?


If you’re in crypto, then you’ve got to know about Coinomi.


Getting involved in the cryptocurrency world is the easy part. Taking care of your NY Coin is what becomes difficult.


Why? Because the chances are pretty good that you’re going to hold more than one cryptocurrency at any given time.

Coinomi is a multi-currency wallet which includes NewYorkCoin as a holding option. Here are some of the features to consider.


Features of Coinomi


Coinomi supports 500+ assets through its interface, making it one of the largest crypto asset supports in the world today.


It also offers in-built exchanges which make it easier to develop a portfolio of cryptocurrencies that you prefer. Instant exchanges, such as ShapeShift, are included and accessible from Coinomi’s app.


Instead of dealing with a cash to crypto, then crypto to NYC transaction, you can optimize the transaction by swapping assets when needed.


You’ll also receive optimum fee transactions and customizable fee options for all your supported assets with several different language options from which to choose.


Security of Coinomi


You’ll also find that Coinomi is a highly secure option for your cryptocurrency needs. Encryptions for your private keys will never leave your device. If you don’t expose your seed or your PIN, then your funds have access to a safe wallet on this platform.


You also get to benefit from the unique user interface that is provided. Instead of throwing beginners to the wolves, the setup is easy enough that anyone with a little crypto, trading, and internet experience will be able to understand.


You’re not required to register your name or your email. Your IP is hidden. There are no server logs that store your transactional information.


If you want an easy and safe way to manage your NY Coin, choose Coinomi. You will certainly be pleased with the experience.


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